YTC Program

The Youth Technology Camp (YTC) program is a subprogram under the S.I.T.E.S program. This program is held in conjunction with the National BDPA Conference. The program is a three-day event held in each year in August.

Once at the National Conference, students will be able to attend workshops and seminars covering topics related to personal and academic development, youth entrepreneurship and Information Technology. They will be able to participate in activities including - corporate sponsored luncheons and receptions, visits to educational places in the hosting city (i.e. museums), and networking events with IT professionals and students from around the country.

Eligible students are those who will be entering the 9th through 12th grade during August or September and/or graduating from high school during the competition year. They must also be a student member of BDPA Philadelphia Chapter. To learn how your student can participate in this program, please contactJames Gadsden, V, HSCC Coordinator.