The (S.I.T.E.S) program was designed to introduce and inspire minority high school students to the pursue Information Technology and STEM related careers through training classes and seminars.

The Student Information Technology Education and Scholarship (S.I.T.E.S) program initiative started over 20 years ago by BDPA in an effort to encourage minority students to learn about and hopefully pursue careers in the Information Technology field. This program has grown extensively over the years and is the flagship educational program for BDPA. Students collaborate online via a SITES Intranet Site where they can interact, view assignments, recieve updates, and view a calendar of upcoming events. Other educational programs for BDPA:

     » HSCC - High School Computer Competition
     » YTC - Youth Technology Camp
     » IT Showcase

In addition to introducing students to the Information Technology field, we encourage them to pursue a college education and provide support for this endeavor by offering opportunities to win scholarships and the ability to participate in internships within the Information Technology field. To learn more, about this program, please contact Andre Meadows, HSCC Coordinator.